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Helping Homeowners Rebuild After Disaster

Proudly based in Oregon


Statements from Our Clients and Others

"Everything gets so hectic, and sometimes I feel like I am not doing a good job of holding everything together. Thank you for being persistent." -Anna B.

"NW Rebuild is the only design firm that I've heard from or can reach someone for construction administration questions, and project changes during construction phase out of all the homes (10) I'm building."

-General Contractor Joe

"You have no idea how much it means to me that you stay in touch!!! Thank you." -Diana V.

"This means everything to me and my family. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough. You’re giving my parents a fresh start after tragedy. It’s hard to put into words all the gratitude and love I am feeling right now. Thank you!" -Autumn K.

Client Story

The Warden Family 

"We have been digging into the depths of our overflowing hearts, searching for the right words to convey our sincerest gratitude for the immense amount of time, effort, care and concern your team put into designing a new home for our family. The home we lost in the Labor Day fires, encompassed everything we ever had and everything we ever worked for. We" no longer had our beautiful forest to retreat to or a home we could call our own. Our children and grandchildren who visited almost every weekend also lost their sense of security. 

"Our home was not only a haven for us, our children and grandchildren, it was a symbol of the dream we had as a young couple to interrupt the cycle of instability, dysfunction and poverty we experienced as children. We had the privilege to share our home with many children and even adults from our community over the years, who needed a safe place to recharge and regroup. Losing our home rocked us to our core and took us back to our humble beginnings. We were back to where we started as teenagers; just the two of us; no possessions, no place to call home…but now with children and grandchildren and no place for them to come home to.

"A few months after the fire, after facing several obstacles to rebuilding, our son Zach, sent us a post he saw on social media about Northwest Rebuild Project and encouraged us to apply for assistance. It was such a joyous moment, when we received an email from Charlie with an offer to help. When Charlie and Doug set an appointment to meet with us on our property, we counted the days for our meeting. We were so encouraged that two people who didn’t know us, would drive so many miles from their home to lend us comfort, support and best of all hope. The light you turned on that day started as a flicker and has turned into a beacon lighting up our future. 

"Your dedication to help us get a piece of our lives back has come into fruition. We now have a foundation! The more we look at the design, the more we appreciate all the little details in the plan. You clearly listened to our hopes and dreams for a new gathering place for our family and friends. We recognize and want to acknowledge with gratitude the time that you all sacrificed, time from personal obligations and your families. Please be sure to thank your families for us as well, we know it takes a supportive family to be able to share yourself with others.


"We are so humbled by your generosity and can stand with our heads held high as we are so honored by your service to us. It has been a trying year, filled with many emotions and revelations. The daily tears, and feelings of despair, anger and frustration have dissipated, we are filled with hope and happy to report that we can clearly see a path forward. Our children are feeling better, and it has been so wonderful for them to witness the goodness of people who sacrifice so much to help others. Because of your vision and your kindness, our family is healing.

"Every time we enter our home, we will be holding you close to our hearts. We will be seeing you smiling back at us through your compassionate souls. Thank you from the deepest fullest well of gratitude; you are our friends, beautiful and kind, and we consider you as family. Our home is your home always. – We hope you will bring your families to visit for relaxation and restoration, and to enjoy the beautiful home you have designed for the Wardens and all who find refuge on our little plot of land in the foothills of the cascades. – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. If there is ever anything we can do for you, we hope you will not hesitate to ask."

  - The Wardens

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