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The NW Rebuild Process


NW Rebuild Project is here to design your home, help with permitting, and guide you throughout the rebuilding process. We are available to answer questions and give advice to our clients, but ultimately each client is in charge of their build. While we provide our services free of charge, our clients pay all their own surveys, permit and construction costs. We accept applications from most stages of the rebuilding process, so it's okay if you have already started!


1 - Fill Out an Application for Assistance

Once you've filled out an application for assistance, our board will review and assess how we can help qualified candidates. Depending on timing and application volume this process can take up to 2 weeks, however most applications will receive an acknowledgement shortly after their submission.

2 - Due Diligence

Once you're accepted as a Client, our team will start to compile information about your property and your design needs. We will collect any information you may already have such as test results, permits, property photos, etc. We will schedule an initial interview with you (via zoom or phone call) to talk about your design needs. 

3 - Site Visit

Our team will schedule a time (usually a Saturday) to meet you in person on your property so we can take the measurements needed, collect site information, and further talk to you about your vision for the rebuilding of your home.

4 - Initial Design

Our team will take all the information we've gathered and create an initial design or two that fits your needs. We will work with you until we've created a schematic design to your liking (that also meets your budget and site restrictions). Then, upon your approval, we will move onto the next phase.

5 - Construction Documents

In this phase we generate all the drawings and documents needed for you (or your general contractor) to obtain building permits. These will be the documents used to construct your home. This phase is the longest of all of our phases and may take months to complete depending on the complexity of your project.

6 - Document Handoff

Once your drawing package is complete we will hand it off to you (or your general contractor) to turn in for building permit. We do our best to make sure that your plans will be 100% accepted, however if the permitting office requires an adjustment, we will make the corrections as soon as possible on your behalf. 

7 - High-Quality Design

Once you've obtained your permits, your construction can start! It is our hope that you will be able to find a General Contractor while we are designing your home. We are available to speak with potential contractors on an as-needed basis, but the decision is yours as to who will build your home.


Additionally, our teams are always on the lookout for grants, rebates, assistance programs, and anything else we think you might qualify for to help your rebuilding process. 


Let's Work Together

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